Blog: Waterless Temporary Tattoos, Bang for your Buck!

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Waterless Temporary Tattoos, Bang for your Buck!

Why do we love Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary Tattoos have incredible ‘bang for the buck’, an extremely low cost promotional product with a very high perceived value to children and adults alike.  Let me tell you a personal story that resonates with this statement. 

When I was about 12 years old, I was invited to a Company Holiday Party of a friend’s father.  There were 100’s of people invited to this party, employees, suppliers, customers and their families.  An elf was handing out Temporary Tattoos with a snowflake image and the Company logo.  I chose not to immediately apply the temporary tattoo as I’d only been given one and it was like a treasure to me.  I took it home and laboured over the best time to apply it.  I wanted to ensure that the tattoo would be seen by as many of my friends as possible.  I applied the Temporary Tattoo for school the next day.  I received a lot of attention from friends, schoolmates and teachers.  Everyone was asking where I’d received the Tattoo and I recounted the story of the event many times. 

This story is a perfect example of why Temporary Tattoos are a great investment in branding.  There aren’t many examples of where a little bit of money gets you a lot.  Directweb2print’s Waterless Temporary Tattoos are a perfect example. 

Waterless Temporary Tattoos are even better than standard water transfer Temporary Tattoos because they are so easy to transfer.  You can hand out Waterless Temporary Tattoos at an event and attendees can apply immediately.  This increases your brand exposure at the event and after. 

Did I mention how inexpensive Waterless Temporary Tattoos are?  2500, 1.5” x 1.5” Tattoos are only $150, 6 cents each.   This literally means you could have 2500 walking billboards promoting your brand for only $150. 

Enhance your next event with Waterless Temporary Tattoos.


: Shannon


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