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Easy to Order Cling Vinyl

Vinyl wall clings can often be over looked as a way to market your business, when in fact they can be a subtle or popping way to advertise your company!

Vinyl clings can stick to a wall, window, or mirror, they are static which means no adhesive is used which makes them easy to apply and easy to take off and move.

You can make vinyl clings can be used to promote your companies’ logo or simply display words, saying, quotes etc. You can chose from a white background or clear, a circle, square, or rectangular shape.

Below will be some tips and tricks as to how you can improve the design of your cling and how easy it really is on Directweb2print!

1. Go to and head on over to the Cling Vinyl tab

2  Pick the size, shape, background, and quantity

3. If you have already created your own design you can easily insert it by clicking 'add image'. The supported images are jpg. and png.  If you need to design art, that's where our easy to use designer tool comes in - you can add clipart from our library, add text, add images and edit all on our site.

5. Once you have inserted your image or designed your own using our easy design tool, you can hit the continue button to pay.

Here are a few other helpful tips to keep in mind while designing:

  • Clings on clear background are front clings and can be placed inside a window and read from the outside – perfect for Retail notices such as specials or hours that are displayed inside the store window and visible to customers outside the store.
  • Clings on White background are back clings to be placed on a window, an example of a White cling is the “next visit” cling placed on your car windshield when you get an oil change.  White/back clings are also ideal for placement on mirrors.

If you have any trouble at any time designing or ordering your vinyl cling feel free to use the contact tab on the directweb2print website and fill out the form! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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