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Custom Temp Tattoos and Stickers for Events

At Direct Web 2 Print, we keep emphasizing on the usefulness and versatility of our custom create your own temporary tattoos and stickers. We say that they’re great for promoting different events and adding some fun and vitality to any activity. We say this because we’ve done it before. We have supplied stickers, tattoos, sticky notes, etc, to thousands of events over the years and have witnessed the great effect they can have and how they can help establish a brand.

Nicola’s Triathlon

Nicola’s s Kids Triathlon is an annual event organized by YellowBalloon projects, which is based in Ontario. The organization works with the SickKids Foundation and channels some of the money raised by this event to that charity. They support and help fund research into MFM illnesses. They also aim to promote the overall health of the children through outdoor activity and exercise.

For six years now, we’ve supplied Nicola’s Triathlon event with stickers, custom waterless tattoos, and sticky notes. They’ve made excellent use of these to promote their events, given the children something to look forward to, to take home as a proud reminder that they completed a Triathlon.

Here’s what they had to say about us: “We’ve used Directweb2Print for all 6 years for Nicola’s Triathlon for Kids. The quality and work is fantastic – the staff professional and reliable. The stickers, note pads, helmet stickers, etc. have helped to create and establish the triathlon’s image and brand. Judi Tullio.

Like Nicola’s Tri, there are several other events where we’ve supplied similar custom stickers and note pads to. These events have used these tools for subtle marketing. When children participating in the triathlon applied those stickers and showed it to their non-participant friends, it helped promote the organization’s cause.

An increasing number of children participated and more parents got interested. As a result, there was more funding directed towards the charity and more awareness spread.

Brand Promotion and Awareness

In today’s highly competitive world, brand promotion is absolutely vital. You need to utilize every tool in your arsenal to get your name across and promote it. Sometimes these tools are online marketing, advertisements, and other such expensive strategies. Sometimes, the tools are smaller, but more impactful than people realize.

As you have read above, you can use small tools like temporary tattoos and stickers to promote your event. They’re especially useful in promoting school events, sports events, products, and fairs. They’re an inexpensive, highly customizable giveaway. Items like sticky pads or note pads are very useful, so they make an ideal holiday giveaway to customers. The customers will use them and every time they hand a note to someone, they’re essentially promoting your brand.

Like Nicola’s Triathlon, you can take advantage of this inexpensive way to promote your cause. If you have any questions our designer tool or any other service, you can get in touch with us at Direct Web 2 Print by filling in this contact us form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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