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Promote your business at Sporting Events

How to Promote Your Business at Your Children’s Next Sporting Event


Children’s sporting events usually attract huge crowds. Parents, teachers, siblings, friends, and people interested in the games will gather to watch and cheer their favorite athletes or teams on. At DirectWebPrint, we believe that business owners should take advantage of such events. It’s an excellent opportunity to interact and communicate with a number of prospective customers. Here are some tips on how to promote your business at your children’s sporting event.


1. Start Out Slowly


Children will usually have several sporting events over the course of the year. You just need to start out slowly. People come to these sporting events to enjoy rather than conduct business. You should focus on establishing a good rapport with people who attend these events. That would give you time understand who your ideal customers are so that you can focus your efforts on them.


2. Start Talking Business


Once you’ve established a good rapport, introduce the topic of your business casually. You just want to promote or market your brand. If you act as a sales person, you’ll only ruin their mood. These events aren’t networking events, after all. Most people would be extremely reluctant to discuss business openly at their children’s sporting events. Just let them know about your business and give them a brief idea of what you do.


3. Make Yourself Likeable


In such events, you’re the face of your company. If your prospective customers like you and consider you an honest person, they’ll be willing to conduct business with you. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to place your best foot forward. Be casual and try to make friends. The idea is to earn their trust so that they can trust your company.


4. Have Business Cards


Business cards are an excellent tool at such events. They contain your contact information, your company name, and your logo. When people express interest in your business or ask for more information, you can easily hand your business card over and encourage the prospective customer to contact you. Magnetic business cards  are perfect for this use as they are more likely to be kept long term and placed in a spot where your business information will be regularly viewed (like on a filing cabinet at work or the fridge at home)


5. Sponsor or Promote a Team


If you’re attending a team sporting event, you can easily distribute items that showcase support for the team. These can include bulk temporary tattoos, stickers, and other such promotional items. You can include your business name and contact details discreetly in the stickers and tattoos. That way, you’re showcasing your support for your favorite team and promoting your business at the same time.


As you can see, you can take advantage of your children’s sporting events and promote your business in a variety of ways. Don’t forget to have fun, though!


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