Blog: Tips for the next time you order Sticky Notes

Tips for the next time you order Sticky Notes

3 Things to Consider Next Time You Order Sticky Notes



Sticky notes are a great way to remember things. You just need to grab a note, write what you need to remember, and post it. That’s it! They can be used for a number of different purposes as well. You can use them as bookmarks, write to-do lists on them and use them in brainstorming sessions.


Ever since they were invented, sticky notes have become an essential part of any office space with millions of people grabbing them off stationery store shelves. However, at Direct Web 2 Print, we believe that these can be used for something more than just remembering. Consider the following before your order your next batch of sticky notes.


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#1 Customizable Design and Promotion


What if your sticky notes could be customized to include your own design and company logo? This high-utility piece of stationery can be used as an excellent promotional item. You can add your logo and design on the notes and hand small booklets to your clients, business associates and friends.


They are a great way of keeping your company name in people’s sight. You can easily design and order them online at great prices. The design would ensure that people remember your business and when they need a product or service that you provide, your business’s name is first on their minds.


#2 Different Sizes


Sometimes, you might need larger sheets of sticky notes. You can pick different sizes and order them in bulk for your business. There are three sizes available- 3x3”, 4x3” & 4x6”. Pick one that fits your purpose best. Most businesses opt for the smallest size to distribute amongst their customers and clients, and bigger sizes for their use in office.


With different sizes, you can use the sticky notes for varied purposes. The smaller ones can be used for noting down urgent things that you need to remember, and the bigger sheets can be used to write rough drafts of business proposals, draw diagrams or mind maps, etc.


#3 Low Cost Design and Order


Designing a personalized sticky note isn’t very difficult. For example, Direct Web 2 Print allows you to upload your own images or pick images from an online clipart library. You can also use different fonts and formats and create the design you want.


Personalized sticky notes can be a great office accessory, promotional tool and a gift. If you have any questions about sticky notes or have a bulk order, you can get in touch with us by filling out this contact us form and we’ll respond in the shortest possible time.  



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