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Features of the Custom Vinyl Cling

Cling vinyl is a fun and easy way to market your business.


Cling Vinyl is offered in three different shapes; circle, rectangle, and a square. It comes in different sizes depending on the shape you chose. The circle comes in 3.5 by 3.5, the square comes In 2 by 2 and the rectangle ranges in size from 2 by 4 to 8 by 4, this shape has a wide range of size options for any promotional need.


Along with choosing your size and shape you also have to pick the material. There are two different materials, White and clear.


The white material serves well for inside view, as your image will be printed on a white background so you will not be able to see it through the other side. A white background vinyl cling is ideal for a “sticker like” use. They are used when you get your oil changed and it has your next visit on it.


Clear background material is ideal for view from outside the window, as you can see through the image to the other side so it is visible from both sides. The clear background vinyl is front cling, which means it, is meant to be stick to a window or glass from the front.  This is useful for things such as store hours, so it can be hung on the inside of the window but is visible to customers.


The quantities range from 500 to 25000 so there is an option for any event and any size business. 


The great thing about Cling Vinyl is that they are static, which means that there is no adhesive used to stick them, which makes it easy to apply and easy to take off.

They are a great way to create fast and effective marketing that will grab your customers eye but won’t damage their items or your windows. They also work great if your company changes their image or message frequently.


Head over to the designer now to start designing your vinyl cling!


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