Blog: Stickers for Holidays – Why Not Use Them?

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Stickers for Holidays – Why Not Use Them?

When you think of stickers, you most likely think of your children or your childhood. Stickers have many productive uses for brand recognition and event marketing. Did you know that Apple ships an Apple sticker with its devices? You might wonder why they do it; it reinforces their image of elitism and prestige.

A simple sticker can achieve that result. It can be, rather ingeniously used as a tool to promote your product or reinforce the image of your brand. With the Holidays just around the corner, you can use stickers in a variety of ways to promote you brand.

High Visibility

If you run as store or a similar business, holidays are probably a very busy time for you. It’s a very good idea to run promotional events during the holiday season. With more foot traffic coming into your store, you can easily use stickers as a promotional material. All you need to do is hand a couple to every customer that walks into your door, they will either use it or distribute it to someone else. Regardless of what they do, your company or store’s name will gain some visibility. This is especially true during the holiday season. You can simply pack some stickers with different products, especially those products that can be used as gifts. Eventually, as these products are passed on to others, your stickers will pass on to new potential customers.

Trade Fairs and Sales


The holiday season is a great time to organize trade fairs and sales. People have time and would most likely spend some time in fairs and sales for holiday shopping. During this time, you can distribute stickers at your booth and include them in your products as well.

You can do this at little to no expense, thanks to the affordability of stickers. You can buy over 2000 stickers at $300. That’s a small investment for the value that stickers can offer. All you need to do is visit our website, design a sticker, and place the order.


One of the best features of these stickers is the customization. On our website, you’ll find a design tool that allows you to create a sticker that’s completely unique to you. This means that you can design a sticker according to the season. For example, you can create a Halloween version of your company logo for Holiday promotions. Similarly, you can create a wintertime or Christmastime logo for your promotions.

The high visibility, the affordability, and the customizability of these stickers make them a very wise investment, especially during the holiday season when everyone is in a little playful mood.

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