Blog: Waterless Temporary Tattoos for your next event!

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Waterless Temporary Tattoos for your next event!

Planning an event can be time consuming, expensive and even stressful. Trying to come up with ideas to make your event special is challenging.   Directweb2print's Waterless Temporary Tattoos can help solve that challenge.  Temporary Tattoos are a high impact, low cost giveaway item.   

We attended a sporting event recently where Directweb2print's Waterless Temporary Tattoos were distributed.  The hockey team that distributed the tattoos was in the playoffs against a rival team.  They really wanted to get the fans excited about the game and allow them to show their team support.  Following is what some of the fans had to say about the Waterless Temporary Tattoos:

"It was fun to have all of our fans easily identified by the team logo tattoos they put on their faces and hands."

"It was great to be able to apply the tattoo right away without having to get a sponge or water source to put it on, it went on really easily"

"I was so excited for this game and I liked that the tattoos helped ramp up the excitement"  

Waterless tattoos are perfect for any event you are planning.  They are always fun and everyone loves them, kids and adults too!  Let Directweb2print's waterless tattoos make your next event special!





: Shannon Tomlinson


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