Blog: How to get lots of Promotional BANG for your buck.

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How to get lots of Promotional BANG for your buck.

When we consider options to promote our event or business the first consideration is usually budget.  How much can we afford to spend?  This is usually followed closely by determining the audience you are attempting to reach.  If you determine that you want to reach alot of people with a limited budget, Directweb2print has some amazing options for you that will fulfill those requirements. 


Waterless Temporary Tattoos are always a great option for a promotion.  You can literally give away 10,000 custom tattoos for $450.  Temporary Tattoos have been proven to have high perceived value and are a unique and exciting product to promote your brand with.  Waterless Temporary Tattoos transfer without the need for water making them an ideal receive and utlize product.  


Custom Stickers are another fantastic choice to promote your brand or event.  Stickers really stick around.  If someone was to place a sticker on their laptop, a piece of furniture, or a notebook (to name a few options), they are unlikely to ever remove that sticker.  Given the low cost of Custom Stickers, and the fact that they provide your brand months or even years of exposure, stickers are a good promotional investment. 


Make sure that your next promotion receives solid bang for your buck with Directweb2print.  

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