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Waterless Temporary Tattoos

Promote your Next Event by using Waterless Temporary Tattoos

Today, it’s vital to come up with new, exciting ways to attract customer attention to your business. If you’re holding a promotional event, marketing and drawing notice to it is necessary. You can try the traditional modes of promotion like fliers, newspaper and television ads, etc. In such cases, you’ll just be one of many.

If you really want to stand out, why not try promotional waterless temporary tattoos instead? You can pass these tattoos to several adults and children at stores & shops, along with your products and services. At Direct Web 2 Print, we feel that waterless temporary tattoos are a fun and interesting way to promote events.


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Easy to Apply

Temporary waterless tattoos, unlike regular temporary ones, can be easily applied to your skin without water. All you need to do is peel back the cover, press the tattoo against your skin and the picture will transfer to the surface. It is an easy, quick, hygienic way of applying temporary designer tattoos. All adults have a little bit of childishness in them and a waterless tattoo would appeal to their inner sense of fun. As the tattoo doesn’t require any water and is easy to apply, adults won’t find it too troublesome.


At Direct Web 2 Print, you can design your own waterless tattoos; these can have your company’s brand colors, logo and name. You can pick from a wide array of design templates, choosing one that best fits your individual taste and your company’s aesthetic concept. You can also pick a design that’s specific to the event you’re hosting, adding a new spin on your marketing campaign.


Buying customized waterless tattoos isn’t expensive. You can order thousands of tattoos at a very low cost and distribute them amongst people to promote your event. It is, perhaps, the least expense, and a very effective marketing strategy.

Several big companies have started to use waterless temporary tattoos as an effective promotional tool, distributing them in trade fairs, conventions, etc. You can take advantage of it too. If you have any questions about waterless tattoos, you can get in touch with us by filling out this contact us form and we’ll get back to you. 

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