Blog: 5 ways to use Removable Custom Stickers!

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5 ways to use Removable Custom Stickers!

When throwing an event for your company you want to ensure that you are making it a memorable, well-planned and visually appealing space for your guests to be.

Events are also a great place to promote your business in the fine details; a good way to achieve this would be to add customized stickers in different elements of your event.

Here are 5 different ways you could incorporate custom stickers into your next event:


1.Place a custom sticker on your cups, glasses or bottles of water

By adding your logo or your companies name on the water bottle it allows for a little personalized touch that everyone at your event will be impressed that you took the time to do.

It may seem like a small detail that doesn’t have any direct affect, but it not only impresses your guest but also builds your brand presence and appearance as a company.













2.Use a custom logo sticker for your thank you letters

By creating a custom thank you sticker to put on the back of your thank you letters to any donors or sponsors of your event would add a personalized touch, along with having the thank you letters hand written!

Design a custom sticker on directweb2print to add to the back of your letters and improve your brand image immensely.


3.Design your very own favor tags to put on your party favors

On directweb2print you can create your own party favor sticker tags to place on any bags, boxes, bags etc.

It lets your guests take home a little piece of the company and reinforces that your company cares about its clients.



4.Name tags

Create a nametag that all your guests can wear at your event and get to know other brands, customer, clients etc.

You can create different sizes and shapes to make the boring old nametag more interesting and incorporate the company name in it again to add those finer details.









5.Create a custom removable sticker for food or beverage labels

If your company holds many events, use directweb2print to print your own custom food stickers is a great option.

You can create labels that can be used at all your events and you don’t have to worry about them ruining rented furniture or nice pieces with the removable adhesive.

: Directweb2print


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