Blog: Tips for Designing your Temporary Tattoos

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Tips for Designing your Temporary Tattoos

In today’s blog we are going to go over some helpful tips to keep in mind when designing your temporary tattoo on Directweb2print.


The custom temporary tattoo is the perfect promotional product that is easy to use and safe for kids.


So here’s a couple of tips to keep in mind when design your temporary tattoo;


Keep in mind the size of the tattoo

When designing your temporary tattoo it is important to keep in mind what size will work best for your design. If you have a tattoo with lots of fine detail you may want to go with a slightly larger size so you can see the detail from a distance and so your image comes out looking more polished. You also want to ensure that your design image will fit in the cute areas on the Directweb2print designer, and if you have to enlarge the image or shrink the image slightly that it won’t get distorted.




Try to be cautious of the colours you are using in your design. Light colours can be backed in white but even then they aren’t as vibrant. Use nice bright popping colours in your design to ensure the best temporary tattoo.



Reversing your Tattoo

When designing your temporary tattoo, do not reverse your image in the designer tool. We print the image, as is, so if you revere your image it will be the wrong way when it is printed. Keep your images as they are and your tattoo will turn out just as you designed it!


White Options

Directweb2print doesn’t automatically back your images in white; it is an option that you must choose when checking out. We have an entire blog post and video all about our white options, so click here if you want to learn more. We recommend that you back your image in white because it makes the colours seem more vibrant and bold when applied to the skin.


Other Helpful Hints

Keep in mind that you can add text with the ability to customize your font style, size, colour, and alignment. The formats that are supported on Directweb2print are: .jpg .png. Don’t forget to use our clip Art provided by Directweb2print. And of course always make sure that you are applying you custom temporary tattoo to clean, dry skin in order to have the best application, and use baby oil to remove it!


We hope designing your custom temporary tattoo will be easy and fun. If you have any questions let us know using the chat feature on our website.


Happy designing.

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