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3 Ways to Market Your Business on a Budget

Small businesses often work with a very tight marketing budget. Unfortunately, most of the modern marketing techniques can be expensive. Businesses tend to have massive marketing budgets and still struggle to get the right amount of return on investment.  For small businesses, this can be a major obstacle. However, you don’t always need to shell out thousands of dollars to promote your business. At DirectWeb2Print, we have witnessed several local businesses gain considerable amount of success by using affordable strategies. Here are some great examples.


1 – Promotional Items


Promotional items like stickers, magnets, sticky note pads, etc, can be an affordable but effective way to promote your brand and gain visibility for it. You just need a couple of hundred dollars of investment. These items tend to have a wide reach and unlike digital ads, they’re not easy to ignore. For example, things like stickers or custom magnets will be placed on highly visible areas and draw attention from prospective customers.


It’s rare for people to discard promotional items, especially useful things like magnets or sticky notes. As these items are customizable, all you need to do is upload the design of your logo or your company name and place the order. In a matter of days, you have promotional items at very affordable rates.


2 – Business Cards


Business cards are very useful. They contain all of your contact information along with your company name and logo. There are also very affordable to print. All you need to do is select a design and enter your details and your card would be delivered to you. You can take business cards to another level by making them magnetic. It’s very rare for people to throw away magnetic business cards.


They will most likely place them on high traffic areas of their home or office like the fridge or filing cabinet. Whenever the prospective customer is in need of the services you provide, they’ll remember the card and give you a call. That’s an excellent way to promote your business without spending considerable amount of money.


3 – Build a Social Media Following


Social media has a very widespread influence. Whether you’re on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook, you’re bound to attract attention if you play your cards right. You should engage your prospective customers on these platforms. There are several ways to go about it. You can host online contests, offer special internet promotional discounts, and communicate with your prospects.


You can also give promotional items away on social media. For example, you can ask customers to post a picture with their favorite product on your page. You can send your promotion items like sticky notes, scratch pads, or mouse pads as prizes to customers with the best photographs.


There are several other affordable marketing techniques; you just need to be creative. If you have any questions about marketing strategies, promotional items, branding, and our products you can get in touch with us at DirectWeb2Print by filling in this contact us form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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