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There is something impressive about sticky notes. They are just about the perfect product: simple yet impossible to improve on. From a promotional point of view they are even better. Pre-printed sticky notes have a vast area for display as well. What more could you want?

It is difficult to remember a time when we were not surrounded by sticky notes. They are one of those things that once you have them you cannot do without. There cannot be a day goes past when a pack of custom sticky notes is not used in every office in the country.

The most remarkable thing is that post-its took so long to arrive. Once the design was established and its effectiveness realized, they were everywhere. Pre-printed post-its appeared on every surface, from vertical to horizontal.

It is not so much a case of what post-its can do but that there seems to be no niche that they have not invaded. Custom sticky notes are all around your office: on desks, walls, objects and, the ultimate indignity for the world of IT, on VDUs. Technology is great but it is powerless against such a perfect product.

We all know people who schedule their day around post-it notes, those who communicate by them and those who use them instead of memory. There will be seminars today where attractive pre-printed post-it notes are attached to the clothing of those attending.

And here is the strength of sticky notes as a promotional product. People want them to be noticed. They are used as a form of communication so they will be placed in direct view, where the recipient and others of course, are bound to notice. The brighter and more visible the better, so custom sticky notes are seen to have an advantage.

Post-it notes predated emails by some years and despite broadband, social networking, Facebook and texting, they are more popular nowadays than ever before. If you receive a phone call you are more likely to reach out for the pack of pre-printed sticky notes than a keyboard to ensure you do not forget what was said.

By being passed from person to person, post-it are a superb promotional medium. The person writing the message will be looking at it, the person whose desk it is stuck on will see it as will anyone else walking by. Who can resist taking a little peak at that rather pretty custom sticky note?

An individual post-it note is the cheapest promotional product you can buy. It will be stuck somewhere, with your logo, where it will be hard to miss. So do not forget pre-printed sticky notes when looking for cheap marketing. In fact, make a note of it on that pack of sticky notes on your desk.

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