Blog: Case Study: Oil Changes and Magnets

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Case Study: Oil Changes and Magnets

Today’s blog is going to discuss a case on the custom magnets offered on Directweb2print.


We have done some blog posts on the business card magnets, but Directweb2print also offers custom magnets.


A magnet is a great way to market your business with a promotional product that is useful to most homes. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and quantities to fit any promotional need. They are the perfect for holding up pictures, papers, or any other important information on the fridge.


The magnet is an inexpensive marketing tool with high-perceived value. They are the perfect item to send home with people after an event or for example an oil change.


A company that does oil changes decided that they wanted to add something to their marketing plan, but keep it inexpensive and useful. They decided to design a custom magnet on Directweb2print to give to customers with their receipt after the oil change, that has the date of there next oil change written on it.


They bought 1000, 3.5” x 2” rectangular magnets with their custom design on them for $170.


They started to give the magnets out with people receipts after their oil changes and the customers gave amazing feedback about the new change. It was a great way for them to be reminded of their next oil change because everything they would open the freezer or fridge they would see it and be reminded to add it in their calendar or that it had passed the date and it was time they took it in.


The company decided to continually order the magnets and give them out to remind their customers.


The magnet is the perfect promotional product for repetitive marketing, as people will view it daily.


Design your custom magnet now!

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