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Build Brand Awareness

Spread Your Brand Awareness with Promotional Products

Today, the business world is filled with stiff competition. You need to come up with ways to stand above the rest and attract the attention of potential customers and clients. There are several marketing strategies that companies employ to get customers. You take your product online, create blogs, and promote products through digital media, etc. However, sometimes the simplest ways are the easiest ways to get your name out there.

At DirectWeb2Print, we offer a range of products that can help you promote your business and products. These products might not be the first things that come to your mind, but they’re surprisingly effective.

1 – Sticky Notes

You might wonder how sticky pads help build brand awareness. Whether you’re aware of it or not, but most big names have their own customized stationary. They distribute these amongst their employees and regular customers. Well-designed personalized sticky notes can catch the attention of many customers, especially people who walk into your workplace and see the stationary.

It has a subtle, but memorable effect on them. It’s commonly understood by marketers that even small things can influence buyer decision. Even something as simple as getting a complimentary sticky pad during the holidays can influence them.

2 – Magnets

What better way to spread brand awareness than handing customized fridge magnets with your company name and logo to your customers? They have a visible remainder of your company on their fridge. They might not consciously be aware of it, but your name lingers at the back of their mind.

When they need to purchase a product or service, they’ll think of your company first. They’re aware of your brand because they’ve been glancing at your logo every time they look at the fridge. That’s a powerful influence in today’s world.

5 – Stickers

Stickers may appear childish but that’s exactly their selling point. You can offer them to new customers who enter your business. Some business owners simply bundle them up with some of the products they sell. Digital stickers have the staying power, especially if they’re adhered to any surface.

These are very subtle forms of marketing that cost a fraction of the price that other brand awareness efforts might cost. However, they have the ability to lead to purchase easily. If you have any questions about our roll stickers and other promotional products, you can get in touch with DirectWeb2Print by filling in this contact us form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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