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How to promote School Events

A school event is a great way to promote different activities, to encourage children to pursue different talents, and have a great time. They are a break from the monotony of the daily classes, homework, and drama. Unfortunately, for all the benefits, school events often don’t have much funding and are on a tight budget. So, how can you promote an event, invite others to join and contribute without spending a lot of money? Our Direct Web 2 Print team has a few solutions that can help.

Personalized Temporary Tattoos

If your child’s school is having a big match against a rival team, you need to show your support in every way possible.Custom wholesale temporary tattoos are a great way to achieve that. You can easily use the team logo, team flag, or simply the team colors to promote and support the team. Temporary tattoos are very affordable. You can get as many as 2500 of them for $150. All you need to do is upload your design or logo onto our website and place your order. That’s all you need to do and we’ll deliver the tattoos to your doorstep.

You can cheer your child’s team and show your support without burning a hole in your pocket. These tattoos are vividly colored using the best 4-color print technology. They will easily stand out against your skin. These tattoos are also made from safe materials and can be easily worn by children. They can be ordered in bulk; you can order as many as 100,000 temporary tattoos from us at a very affordable rate.


Sometimes, parents discourage the use of temporary tattoos in any shape or form, even if they’re perfectly safe for children. In such cases, you can easily find other ways to promote the school event. You can order custom digital stickers that are just as affordable. They can be distributed amongst parents and children, offered to local businesses, and handed out in markets and fairs, which can be an excellent way to promote your school event.

For example, if your child’s school is organizing a fundraising event, these affordable custom stickers can be handy. Local businesses can hand them out to customers, encouraging them to participate in the event and offer their support. This is a great way to encourage parents and other adults to take interest in school activities.

Custom Print Magnets

Custom magnets are a great way to show your support as well. Magnets usually end up on the refrigerator doors and are a constant reminder of the team or an event. If the custom print magnets are distributed amongst parents, they’ll always be aware that their children are a part of a particular club or team that needs support and encouragement. Customized magnets can also be a way to promote events.

If you have any questions about personalized temporary tattoos, stickers, and other such products you can get in touch with us at Direct Web 2 Print by filling in this contact us form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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