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White options on Directweb2print

When ordering your temporary tattoo or waterless temporary tattoo on directweb2print you will be asked to pick a white option.

So what is the white option and how can you decide which will work best for the design and look of your temporary tattoo.

The white options will appear when you are checking out and paying for your order.

There are three different options to pick from; No white, White (flood), and Custom white.


1. Lets start with the no white option

The no white option is you have no white printed under the image you have designed.

This means that all white areas in your tattoo design will be clear when you apply or transfer the tattoo to your skin. When you pick the no white option may make your image appear faded or washed out and take away from the overall appearance of your tattoo. The no white ink option is the idea that your temporary tattoo will be printed, “as is”.

Here are some pictures of the no white option:


2. The white/flood white option

The white option is when your temporary tattoo is backed in white, so your entire image or deign will have white behind it.

By having white behind the entire tattoo all areas that are white inside the artwork will be white on the final product and all the areas surrounding the artwork will be clear.

Having the white behind the image makes the colours appear stronger and with better colour accuracy, making them pop and the image stand out.

The tattoo may seem “milky” before be applied, but once applied the colours stand out.

Here are some pictures of the white option:


3. The final option is custom white

This option is an additional $75 dollars to have done.

The white is placed and only visible where you specifically request it to be. This is the least popular choose, as it can become quite time consuming and tedious to place the white ink in specific spots.

This is useful when have a detailed tattoo or interact logo that looks better with some areas backed in white and others that appear clear.

Head over to directweb2print now to design your own custom temporary or waterless temporary tattoo!

We always offer free shipping and if you have any questions concerns use the chat feature in the bottom right of the website and we will get back to you!

Happy Designing!

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