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Case Study: Team Cohesiveness

Today’s case is going to talk about our waterless temporary tattoo and a hockey team!


The waterless temporary tattoo is the perfect promotional product for any age or event. The tattoo is applied without using water, which makes it hassle free and easy. If you would like to read more about our waterless temporary tattoo click here.


A hockey team was going into playoffs and decided that they wanted to show some team spirit while they were on the ice. The team decided that they wanted to design custom waterless temporary tattoos for the couple weeks they were in playoffs, which had the team’s logo on it.


They decided to go with 500 1.5” x 1.5” waterless temporary tattoos that totaled $140.


The team decided to split them in half and keep 250 of them to wear during playoffs and for the parents to wear, and then sell the other 250 at the games for other to wear and support the team.


The team loved wearing the temporary tattoos and the teams they played against even commented on the team’s spirit. The team was able to show others what the team was all about and the real cohesiveness that this hockey team had.


They sold the remaining tattoos for $1 at each game, which means that they made $250 on the remaining half of the tattoos. So the team was happy that they could put the remaining profits from the tattoos, $110, back into the team.


The waterless temporary tattoo is hassle free, mess free and an inexpensive way to promote your team and show others around you what being on a team is all about.


If you have any questions about designing your waterless temporary tattoo feel free to send us a message on the chat feature.


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