Blog: Custom Magnets for an Upcoming Fundraiser

Custom Magnets for an Upcoming Fundraiser

One of the most important aspects of planning a fundraiser is to make people aware of it. You want to raise as much money as possible and spread awareness to as many people as possible. In many cases, you might even want to spread the message about your cause even after the fundraiser is done.

For this, you need a sound, effective marketing tactic. You need something economical, easy to use, and yet effective. Custom magnets fill this category nicely.

Custom Designing is Easy

Designing custom magnets is very easy. At Direct Web 2 Print, we have an easy to use application that you can use to design your own custom magnets. You can upload a design from your own computer or you can choose from the clipart we have in our library. These magnets are fully customizable and you can use different sizes, fonts, colors, and designs.

Our full color printing technology means that you can get vividly colored and attractive magnets. Design does play a very important factor in the overall appeal of the custom magnets. You want them to look good enough to place on the fridge. We always recommend to our customers that they choose the magnet design that conveys the right message, without making the magnets look disruptive.

Long Lasting Effect

Custom magnets can be used before and after the fundraising event to continue promoting your cause. For example, if you’re raising funds to provide better rehabilitation services to injured veterans, you want to continue spreading the message even after your fundraiser is successful. In this, custom magnets can be very successful. If you distribute them amongst your guests, they’ll be a long-lasting reminder of your message.

Affordable with High Return on Investment

Custom magnets offer a very high return on investment. When you buy them in bulk, they hardly cost anything. But they’re so useful that people rarely, if ever, discard them.

These magnets will end up on the fridges and filing cabinets of your guests and will be a visible reminder of your campaign. They create a pathway for more awareness and fundraising campaigns. A custom magnet will have your cause’s logo and message on it, so people who are exposed to them every repeatedly are unlikely to forget it.

As for the price, even if you take the minimum order of 1000 magnets, it’ll cost you $160. That amounts to $0.16 per magnet.   The per unit cost decreases as the quantity ordered increases, a pittance in comparison to how much return they can generate.

Display in High Traffic Area

You can place these magnets in high traffic areas of your business or locality. You can ask local vendors to place them on their premises. The more visibility these magnets get, the more likely they are to attract attention.

If you have any questions about custom designed magnets, you can get in touch with us at Direct Web 2 Print by filling in this contact us form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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