Blog: How to Design Amazing Custom Stickers!

How to Design Amazing Custom Stickers!

How to Design your Own Amazing Custom Stickers



Stickers can be a great way to promote different events like trade fairs, school functions and programs, sporting events, fundraisers, etc. You can give them away to visitors so that people have a way to remember you and the organization you represent. At first, it might seem too much of a hassle to create and distribute so many stickers, but the promotional tactic does work amazingly well.


Several major companies continue to use it as an effective, low cost tool to promote their products, services and events. Of course, the design of the sticker is very important. If your design is too bland or monotonous, it won’t attract attention.


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Some Tips


We at Direct Web 2 Print have seen that the sticker design needs to be attractive and attention grabbing; people should want to preserve them. Take a look at how you can design your own cost-effective, amazing custom stickers:


  • Pick the Design- Decide what design you want to add on your sticker. For example, if you have a company or an event logo, you can upload that onto the design template. Logo stickers are very popular and some people even collect stickers of big companies like Coca Cola, Starbucks, the ever popular NASA stickers, etc.


If you design your sticker carefully, it will appeal to a wide variety of people. If they like the design, they’ll keep it and stick it on a highly visible surface, which helps in branding.


  • Clipart- If you don’t have a specific design in mind, you can choose from clipart or online stock free images. Stores like Direct Web 2 Print have a wide collection of designs that you can choose from. You needn’t look anywhere else to get the right design for your company/event stickers.


Once you’ve selected the design, load it onto the template. Mind the border instructions. In most cases, you can see a clearly marked safe area where you can paste your image. If you stay within this area, your graphic or image won’t be cut off.


  • Font-You can easily include text in your sticker if you want to enter your company name, the event name or a slogan. You can even include contact information. There are a variety of fonts you can choose from. All you need to do is pick your favorite font and enter the text required. Make sure you’re within the safe zone. That way, your text will be clearly visible on the sticker.


If you have any questions about custom stickers, you can get in touch with us by filling out this contact us form and we’ll get back to you.



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