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Case Study: Lots of Stickers

Directweb2print has two different kind of stickers you can chose from, click here to learn more about those, but todays case study is about the permanent adhesive and their use for a promotional event a company held.


A new hair salon that was opening in a small town wanted to promote themselves and make them known in the little town, and so they decided to have a launch party for the salon and make it one that their potential customers would remember.


The salon decided that they wanted to make custom stickers to place on different elements for the launch party such as: water bottles, goody bags, and other event promos.


They decided to go with the permanent adhesive option to ensure that the stickers wouldn’t peal off the products.


The permanent stickers they chose were 500 rectangular 3” x 2”, which also totaled $250. Their total cost on stickers was $250.


On the day of the launch they had water bottles for $2, treat bags for $3, and placed the remaining stickers on price pamphlets and hair products in the store. By placing the stickers on the products they were selling, it not only helped with the cost of the sticker, but more importantly, they were able to impress the potential customers of the town with their attention to small detail and promote themselves with a creative and cost effective way.


The salon booked numerous consultations and hair appointments for the following weeks due to the attention to detail on products and their ability to market in a small and cost effective way. They grabbed many peoples attention and impressed the new customers.


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