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Fundraising success

Planning a fundraising event takes a lot of time and effort.   It’s critical to maximize the effectiveness of the event in order to make it worthwhile.

Promoting your event, before, during and after can be key.  As the intention of fundraising events is to raise funds and awareness it’s obviously important to not spend too much money in the planning and promotion of the event and it can be challenging to find the balance between expense and promotion. 

Directweb2print has had the pleasure of working with Nicola’s Tri for Kids for many years.  Nic’s Tri raises money for a local children’s hospital and has been very successful in doing so.  Directweb2print has supplied Nicola’s Tri with Sticky note pads to be distributed prior to the event to potential participants, Stickers and Waterless Temporary Tattoos which are distributed at the event and in the children’s race kits.  After the event Nicola’s Tri has distributed Decals to participants to apply to their cars – this helps with promotion of the event for future years. 

Nicola’s Tri is a well run event that is a lot of fun.  Directweb2print takes pride in being able to help this fundraising event have the success that it has in raising funds and awareness. 


: Shannon


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