Blog: Fundraising Idea for Waterless Tattoos

Fundraising Idea for Waterless Tattoos


Temporary tattoos are a fun and safe alternative to the real thing. And perhaps most importantly, they’re temporary.

This simple fundraising idea raises money by charging people to have a few temporary tattoos applied to them.

And with the ease of use, anybody can do it!


Fundraising laws and policies may differ depending on location.

Always check with a legal advisor before planning any fundraiser to ensure they comply with fundraising regulations in your area.


Temporary tattoos, cleaning supplies, seats, cash box

Services Needed

Basic event


  • Reserve location for fundraiser [Step 1]
  • Get supplies [Step 2]
  • Host fundraiser [Step 3]

Reserve location for fundraiser [Step 1]

First things first, you need to book an event space to host your fundraiser.

This is one of those ideas that’s “location irrelevant”, so there really isn’t a wrong place to throw this event.

Obviously you’ll want to pick somewhere a lot of people visit and that is easily accessible. But beyond that, the sky’s the limit.

You might want to select a venue close to a water source for tattoo removal, of course.

Get supplies [Step 2]

The next step is to go about and get the materials for the event.

Since you’ll be applying tats en masse, try to buy them in bulk. You tend to save more money that way.

As for where you can find them, search online. There are a few websites that specialize in temporary tattoo sales. If you prefer to buy in person, you may be able to find a local retailer who can supply them.

Host fundraiser [Step 3]

The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Now on to hosting the fundraiser. Follow the standard procedure of arrive early, setup and welcome guests.

Then begin collecting payments and applying tattoos. Be sure to publicize the ingredients used in the tattoos in case anyone is allergic to them.

If people want their tattoos removed, for whatever reason, comply with their wish.

Have fun!



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