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Designing your Custom Sticky Note

We have done a couple different blog posts on Directweb2print about marketing using sticky notes and the value that they can add to your company.

But what about the actual design of your sticky note!

Lets start with what Directweb2print offers in terms of size and quantity.

The sticky notes ranch in size from 3 by 3 to 4 by 6! The sheet options are 25, 50 and 100, and our quantities go from 500 to 1000! There is a size and quantity for everyone!

Designing your sticky note is similar to the waterless tattoo in that you can either add in your own image, or logo, or use Directweb2prints clipart and text feature.

When designing a sticky note you want it to be eye-popping and promote your company, but at the same time you want it to be functional. So try not to cover too much of the sticky note with an image or text.

You can add as much information on a sticky note as you’d like but try to keep it simple and clean to ensure that people will really use your product.

Create a sticky note that represents your brand and that will grab the attention of those who use them! Sticky notes can be an amazing way to promote your brand in subtle way everyday with people not even realizing that they are been marketed to.


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By designing a professional eye popping sticky note it can allow your business to communicate better within the workplace and allow your brand presence to travel anywhere.

P.S- Did you know that it was a sticky note that caught the eye of the Canada Post executive who started online shipment tracking?

You never know what a sticky note could do to help excel your business!

Start designing yours today!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us a message in the chat feature on the website!

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