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Everyone's part of the TEAM!

We all get excited when we can be part of a winning team.  Sports teams go beyond the players on the field or on the ice to include coaches, parents as well as spectators. Spectators and fans can play a big part in the success of the team.  Waterless Temporary Tattoos are a perfect way for fans to show their team spirit and help their team develop the drive to win!

There are several times during the season when it is ideal to purchase and distribute Waterless Temporary Tattoos:

1.  The beginning of the season is a great time to get fans excited and on board.  Hand out Waterless Temporary Tattoos at the season opener.

2.  Playoffs.  Long time fans (and those who jump on the band wagon when the home team makes the playoffs) all want to show their support.  Waterless Tattoos applied to hands and faces while fans cheer gets everyone involved and excited.  There is no age limit to Temporary Tattoos - everyone loves them!

3. Fundraising events.  When a team does fundraising for themselves or for a charity they beleive in, handing out Temporary Tattoos that can be immediately applied without the need for a water source, allows for excitement building and allows the fans to show their support for the team. 

Directweb2print produces Waterless Temporary Tattoos in bulk, perfect for purchasing a large volume at a low cost to distribute  thoughout the season!





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