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Features of the Sticky Notes

The sticky note is a very popular promotional product and for a good reason. This blog is going to go over the features of the sticky note here on Directweb2print.


A sticky note can be used for many different purposes such as: reminders, bookmarks, brainstorming etc. You can add your company logo, design or whatever to your sticky note in the designer tool.


The size range on the sticky note goes from 3 by 3 to 4 by 6 so there is some variety to chose from when deciding which sticky note will work best for your promotional needs. Your sheet options are 25, 50, or 100 so again, you can chose which will work best for the promotional product purpose.


The quantities on the sticky note are 500 to 5000 so smaller than the quantities offered for stickers and the temporary tattoos but sufficient for a sticky notes promotional needs.


The benefits of the sticky note as a promotional product are; they will give your company the best bang for buck when calculating the lasting impression it has on people. We offer a wide range of sizes and number of sheets that suit all purposes. We use a microsphere adhesive, which allows the sticky notes to be stuck and re-stuck with no adhesive residue left behind!


Pricing for the sticky notes is inexpensive; A 25 sheet of 3 by 3 with a quantity of 500 is $125 so you won’t break the bank on our promotional custom sticky notes.


All at your next promotional event will love the sticky note. So order yours today on Directweb2print!

If you have any questions while designing your product don’t hesitate to send us a message in the chat feature on the website.


Happy Designing. 

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