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3 Unique Ways to Use Custom Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are very useful and are a very widely used piece of stationary worldwide. Even with all the technology and apps available, the humble paper sticky note is still popular and extremely convenient. It takes more time to open a note app on your phone or computer than it does to just grab a note off your desk and scribble a memo down.

At Direct Web 2 Print, sticky notes are one of our most popular products. We offer custom sticky notes and pads that you can design utilizing our easy-to-use design tool. You can incorporate your own brand colors and logos into the notes and have a personalized piece of stationary. Interested in learning more about this cost effective promotional tool? Click Here

Here are 3 unique ways to use custom sticky notes:

#1 – Organize Thoughts

Sticky notes have long been used to organize thoughts or note down sudden ideas. There are times when a brilliant thought strikes you and you just need to record it. By the time you scramble to find a place to write it, it slips away, leaving you frustrated. A sticky note can be kept on your desk, within easy reach. Custom sticky notes can be a great desk accessory, displaying your logo proudly. You won’t need to tuck them away into your drawers.

#2 – Personalized Gifts

Custom sticky notes can be a great personalized gift for friends and acquaintances. If you need to gift a large number of people and are on a tight budget, custom sticky notes can be a highly useful gift. Most people have great use for sticky notes and use them in their day-to-day lives. By customizing them, you can make the gift personal and thoughtful instead of generic.

#3 – Promote your Business or Product

You can gift your long-term customers or new clients with custom sticky notes. Because of their highly useful in business environments and your clients will appreciate the gift and keep your business in mind. They will be regularly exposed to your company name and logo when they go to use them.

You can also gift them to your employees for their personal use. Custom sticky notes have several uses. As they’re affordable, they appeal to many people from business professionals to school students and children.

If you have any questions about custom sticky notes, you can get in touch with us at Direct Web 2 Print by filling out this contact us form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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