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Features of the Business Card Magnet

Today’s blog is going to be on business card magnets. The business card magnets are a perfect way to promote your business with an everyday product for anyone’s home.


The business card magnets are a great way to have all of your companies’ information in one spot for customers to view. You can add your companies logo, email, telephone number, any element that you think would catch peoples eye.


There are two sizes to choose from, or perhaps two layouts. There is the 2 by 3.5, which would mean your business card is vertical as opposed to horizontal, which would be the 3.5 by 2 size.


The quantity options start at 500 and go to 10,000.


The pricing on the business card magnets starts at $85 for 500 and goes to $700 for 10,000. It is an inexpensive marketing cost that will build your brand awareness and brand promotion significantly.


The benefits of the business card magnet are; they are 20 mil magnets can easily hold up those precious photos or important documents. Digitally printed for sharp, bright and attractive images that stand out. They can be enclosed with letters or any correspondence even through mail. Serve well as perfect low cost giveaways that hold lasting value.


We have some pictures on our Instagram of some previous orders of business card magnets, so check us out there. We are @directweb2print on Instagram, twitter and Facebook!


The business card magnet will be the perfect promotional piece for your business!


Make yours today.

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