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Ways to Promote Business Using Promotional Items

The Best Ways to Promote Your Business Through Promotional Items

We live in an intensely competitive world. Most business owners need to use every trick and tactic in the book to ensure that their voice reaches the customers. There are several marketing methods like video marketing, digital marketing, newspaper ads, television ads, etc. Unfortunately, all of these strategies can be expensive and usually deliver very low return on interest. At Direct Web 2 Print, we believe that there are other, simpler ways to handle marketing and promotion. Consider the following options. 

Sticky Pads

One might wonder how sticky pads can be used as promotional items, but they’ve proven to be effective for several years now. The promotion is within the company rather than outside of it. If you have sticky notes with your company’s logo on it and distribute them amongst your employees, you’ll find that they’ll distribute them to their family members and beyond. It’s a subtle way to reinforce your brand image. 

Even if your employees don’t take these personalized sticky notes home, they can still have promotional value. When customers and visitors come into your office and see promotional material like sticky pads, your brand image and message is subconsciously reinforced in their minds. This isn’t some jedi mind-trick, but rather a simple logic. Human beings do assimilate images and store them in their subconscious mind. This logo will immediately come to your customer’s mind when they’re in need of services or products you offer. 

Business Magnets for Fridges 

Business cards aren’t going anywhere. One would think that they’ll be obsolete in this day and age, but they still retain some value. Why not take business cards a little further and make them magnetic? These business card refrigerator magnets would be placed in your prospective customer’s kitchen. Whenever they’re in need of your services, your magnet is the first thing they’ll remember. 

For example, if you run a plumbing business, you can offer your prospective customer a magnetic business card. They will place it on their fridge. When they’re faced with a plumbing emergency, they’re not going to bother searching the internet for the plumber. They’ll dial the number printed on the fridge magnet because it is conveniently accessible. Such magnets are affordable and easy to order, but offer rich rewards in return. 

Custom Roll Stickers 

These stickers are great promotional tools. You can use them on your products, to seal gift wrapping, or just to hand out to children and adults alike. They can reinforce your brand identity. There are several big companies like Apple that offer stickers along with their products. This is one way to promote your company’s brand and earn customer’s loyalty. These custom roll stickers aren’t expensive either. You can order 500 of them for just $250. All you need to do is upload your design and we’ll handle the rest.

If you have any questions about business card refrigerator magnets, stickers, and other such products you can get in touch with us at Direct Web 2 Print by filling in this contact us form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible

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