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Market Your Business With Custom Magnets

Cool Ways to Market Your Business With Custom Magnets

Magnets are very useful. There are very few kitchens that don’t have a refrigerator 

decorated with magnets. They’re used to hang artwork from children, important notes, 

grocery lists, and many other items. You'll notice that these magnets occupy a place 

of very high visibility, after all, people open and close their refrigerators quite often and they will be exposed 

to the magnets regularly. That’s why we at DirectWeb2Print suggest that you use 

custom magnets as a marketing tool. Here are some ways to do so. 

#1. Incorporate Your Logo 

Custom magnets, as the name implies, are created according to your requirements. Just 

a simple logo design would be enough to establish a brand presence and get some 

exposure.If you can cleverly incorporate your phone number and company name into the logo, 

you’ll have the complete package. The company magnet wouldn’t be overly promotional 

and will still have all the information your customer might need if they want to contact 

#2.  Create a Magnetic Business Card

Some people assume that business cards are obsolete. That’s not true. Business cards are 

much more convenient than other methods of sharing your contact information. After 

all, would you want to scramble to find a pen and paper? It’s so much easier to just fetch 

your business card from your wallet and hand it over. A magnetic business card is even more useful. It would

contain all of your contact information and your prospective customer can just place it on the fridge in their

home.  This works especially well for plumbers, landscapers, emergency service providers, etc. 

A magnetic business card is a perfect way to promote and market your business. 

#3.  Offer it at Events and Trade Shows

If you have organized an event or are participating in a trade show, you can easily 

market your business by offering attendees custom magnets. You can offer magnets that 

promote particular products or create something that promotes the entire company. 

You can then distribute these magnets to people who visit your stalls or are present at 

the event. This would help gain visibility for your brand. People rarely throw away 

magnets so you can expect them to be used for a considerable duration of time. 

#4. Place the Magnets in High Visibility Areas

There’s nothing wrong with asking local businesses to place your magnets in highly 

visible areas. You can return the favor and help them with marketing as well. You can 

also place magnets near the check-out areas of your business and offer them to 

customers who express interest in them. Focus on the design of the custom magnets. 

You want something that would represent your business and still be attractive. 

If you have any questions about custom magnets, promotional items, branding, and our 

products you can get in touch with us at DirectWeb2Print by filling in this contact us 

form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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