Blog: Case Study: CLing Vinyls and a Soccer Team

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Case Study: CLing Vinyls and a Soccer Team

Directweb2print offers Cling Vinyl.  Cling Vinyl is a promotional product that can provide a huge return on investment for your business and increase your brand awareness.


Following is a case study of a local soccer team’s success with Cling Vinyl:


A local soccer team wanted to raise some money for there upcoming season, but they wanted to do something more cost effective and different than the usual events and products.


The team decided to order custom vinyl clings from Directweb2print with their team’s logo on them. Directweb2print always offer free ground shipping and our easy designer made it easy and cost effective for the team.


They ordered 500, 4” x “2 clear rectangular vinyl clings with their custom team logo and it cost them $515. At the next pre-season game and the games to follow they decided to sell them each for $7/piece.


The Cling Vinyls were a huge hit with the team’s parents as they themselves wanted to show their support by placing it on their car window.  The total sale of the 500 vinyl clings for $7/piece was $3500. After you subtract the initial cost of the vinyl clings, your total profit is $2985!


The team was able to put money toward the fundraising for the team and they now have promoted themselves all over town and beyond, by having the players and their parents represent the team on their car.


The team decided that they would make it a yearly fundraising event and update the vinyl cling yearly for added incentive and make a contest to see who could design the best vinyl cling for the team.


The vinyl cling is a great option for any promotional event. To read more about the vinyl cling click here, and to see more blog posts about it click here.


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