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High Impact - Low Cost

Never has there been a better promotional product to reach a wide audience at a low cost!  Event marketing and brand promotion has never been so easy and cost effective! 

You can purchase 10,000 CUSTOM 1.5" x 1.5" waterless tattoos for $450.  This means that by spending under $500 you will be able to reach 10,000 customers and potential customers with a product that they will place directly on their skin.  

Consider how many times you've been watching a professional sports game on TV and the fans in the stands have temporary tattoos on their faces?  Not only have the tattoos reached the audience they were distributed to, they also are seen by fans on TV and often in news coverage as well.  

Waterless tattoos do not need a water source to apply, they are basically a temporary tattoo that actually transfers to the skin but without the need for water.  These are ideal for giveaways at sporting events, parades, fundraisers, product launches and more....





: Shannon


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