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Directweb2print: Exciting Changes and New Content

There are some exciting new changes being made to directweb2print! Directweb2print is adding new content and new options on the website!

The first new and excting change is the 500 and 1000 quantities on the waterless temporary tattoos!We are very excited to offer our customers some smaller quantities on our best selling product!

The smaller quantites will allow you to use your waterless temporary tattoos for smaller promotional events, or for your small business!

If you haven’t checked out the features of the waterless temporary tattoo, click here! They are a fun way to promote your brand at any event and grow your brand presecence.

The second exciting changes coming to directweb2print are the youtube videos! We are going to be putting out a number of videos helping our customers better navigate the website, use the designer,and have a better understanding of what we are all about!

There are two videos posted now on our youtube channel, which is! Over the next couple of weeks you can expect videos discussuing different aspects of the company and our products! If you have any requests as to what videos you’d like to see reach out to us on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram etc.

We hope the videos will be a helpful way for our customers to get familarized with the directweb2print process!

We hope you are just as excited for the new changes as we are!

If you have any questions don’t ever hestitate to ask!

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