Blog: Waterless Tattoos, the WOW factor.

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Waterless Tattoos, the WOW factor.

At some point everyone has used a personalized temporary tattoo or has heard about them, but not everyone knows about the new and improved Waterless Tattoo.


But what is the Waterless Tattoo? The Waterless Tattoo is very similar to the personalized temporary tattoo except it doesn't require water to put on. All that is required is skin, pressure and about 20 seconds.


How does this benefit you? The Waterless Tattoo has many benefits to any purchaser. If the tattoo requires water you must first find running water before you may apply it, and in many situations it is not readily available. Even when it is most people will not waste their time to go apply it and will instead just throw it away or not even take it. With Waterless Tattoos you could be in the sahara desert and have no issues applying it. This will increase the usefulness of your product and will increase the amount of exposure you can achieve with it. Another major difference is the Wow factor. When you hand out this product and start to explain to people you won't need water, many won't believe you at all. When they see that it is in fact true they will be amazed with not only the product but the brand that gave it to them, and will tell people about this amazing thing that happened to them when you gave them a Waterless Tattoo., creating even more exposure.

There are so many more reasons of why Waterless tattoos are better, they are the future and they're available right now only through us.

: Hayden Tomlinson


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